A Definitive Guide on E-Liquid Nicotine Strength for the Vaporizer

Majority of people are nowadays inclining towards electronic cigarettes rather than moving on and continuing with the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

As electronic cigarettes are the devices that uses different flavoured liquid nicotine in the vaporizer to give the vapour sensation to the smokers, so it is essential to know the proportion of e-liquid flavours nicotine in the vaporizer. As a result, it is necessary to choose an e-liquid that helps in matching the initial switch from the traditional cigarettes with the electronic cigarettes as well as the nicotine vaporizers.


So, below is presented a definitive guide stating the appropriate nicotine levels in the e-liquids. Let us have a brief look at that:

• Too low nicotine level- Smoking to compensate:
As one’s body has become used to having some amount of nicotine in it, it is better to opt for a lighter replacement as compared to the original tobacco based cigarette that will typically result into the compensation of smoking. This usually means that one would wind upvaping or smoking more in order to make up your body to inhale nicotine. One can just change the strength of the nicotine liquid strength and customize your needs.

• Too high nicotine level- Too intense:
If one is used up for smoking a light tobacco based cigarette while choosing a full strength e-liquid strength, one would overload their body with more proportion of nicotine as compared to what one used while smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. The throat hit may be too high or one may experience some kind of light-headedness. This could surely result into not liking the e-cigarette, while in fact one is just using the inappropriate nicotine strength.

• Appropriate level of nicotine- Relaxing and satisfactory:
Finding an appropriate level of nicotine could definitely satisfy you and would help in finding out the sweet spots while making you satisfied. As a result, finding an appropriate level of nicotine strength would make one to take a much relaxed nap.


Thus, this is how one can use nicotine levels in their vaporizer to satisfy their needs. It is advised to start from the lower level sand then increase its strength in order to meet their requirements. Also, as one can customize the nicotine strength level, one can use it as their desired requirements.

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