Is Electronic Cigarette Better Option To Fight Against Tobacco? Let’s Find Out!

Electronic cigarettes, popularly known as e-cigarettes deliver nicotine without any trace of tar and smoke

just like different traditional tobacco cigarettes. It is still not being clear that whether e-cigs actually helps the smokers in quitting the smoking habit or not. Several researches have been carried out based on different subjective stories of ex-smokers but it has not been exactly proved that e-cigs helps smokers to quit cigarettes.


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These e-cigarettes have great impact on children as the number of teenagers using the electronic cigarettes has been almost doubled since last few years. Consequently, this has raised the question that whether the future generation is heading more towards nicotine that would gradually result in more nicotine addiction. Additionally, as per the sources, the contents of the vapour contain toxins as well as carcinogens and because of the number of unregulated e-liquid manufacturers, it has become impossible in order to know what exactly is being inhaled by those who are exposed to vapour from e-cigarettes. Without being aware of the contents, one cannot know about different health effects that could be claimed for being safe as no one has scientific evidence that could prove the truth.

In order to attract a number of teenagers, the e-cigarette companies are marketing different flavours of cigarettes like the cotton candy and the bubble gum. As these e-cigarettes are considered as one of the best alternatives for traditional tobacco cigarettes, still they are in the business of selling addictive drug- nicotine. The most controversial part is that, they are targeting maximum number of children and youngsters. (Related Post: The fight against tobacco)

As a result, till the time the originality of e-cigarettes is in doubt, they ought to be treated as normal cigarettes. All the restrictions are needed to be implemented with e-cigarettes too as they are being imposed on normal cigarettes. Those restrictions may include: prohibition of vaping at the places that ban smoking, avoiding marketing of these products for children in any of the possible forms, no possible misleading health claims, no telecast of advertisements on radio, television or billboards, no sales to children with several procedures at any place in order to prevent children from buying e-cigarettes on the Internet and much more.


Thus, as traditional tobacco is not considered to be a healthy option for most of the people, the e-cigarettes are also having some of the health issues but not as high as traditional one’s that too most importantly for children. So, e-cigarette is greatly preferred over traditional tobacco cigarettes. Tweet this!!!

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