Tips to Extend the Life of E-Cigarette by Enhancing Its Performance

E-cigarettes are electronic devices that uses lithium-ion batteries which generates mist

by heating an ecig liquid with a little or no concentration of nicotine. These electronic cigarettes are specially designed for those smokers who are addicted to cigarettes which could be considered as a substitute for traditional tobacco cigarettes. This electronic device greatly satisfies the craving for nicotine in the healthiest and safest way that is similar to the act of smoking a cigarette.


  • While vaping, there is always the factor of good and better, which could be decided by the performance of the e-cigarettes. As a result, in order to maintain the performance of e-cigarette and extend life of e-cigarette, one could follow some of the tips listed below:
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  • Avoid overcharging of the battery that may cause it to wear out the electronic device faster.
  • Keeping the e-cigarette device clean would surely contribute a lot in enhancing the device’s life. The dirt, grime as well as eliquid build-ups needs to be cleaned after regular intervals and the body should be wiped down. Also, all the connecting points including the surrounding areas of the cartridge should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth.
  • While using e liquids one should avoid overfilling the tank. If the tank is not producing adequate vapour or is leaking, then it may be due to the overfilling of the tank. This may lead to the main cause of degrading performance of the e-cigarette device. It is advisable not to fill the tank more than 75%
  • It is recommended not to over tighten the cartridge with your e-cigarette. Yes, it needs to be screwed on firmly, but still not too tight. This may result into minimal amount or no vapour production.
  • While using mods, one need not require using batteries as well as other components that are not specified for that particular device by the manufacturer.
  • One should avoid mixing different products that belong to different brands as they are not just designed to go together. If done so, then the end results may prove to be dangerous.
  • Also, notice if your e-cigarette is giving off a burnt or foul taste. If it is so, then the cartridge definitely needs a proper replacement.


Thus, these were some sure-shot evidence that may lead to positive results for enhancing the performance of the e-cigarettes. These tips would surely extend the life of e-cigarette.

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