E liquids

E liquids are the modern way to enjoy nicotine without the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. E liquids (or e juice as they are referred to) containing different strengths of nicotine and PG/VG ratios and are bought in refill bottles which are used with an electronic cigarette. E cigarettes heat up on use and the heat turns the eliquid into vapour liquid, which the user then inhales. Because vapour instead of tobacco smoke is produced, users of ecigs are known as vapers rather than smokers.

The eliquid itself which contains is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine base and possibly nicotine itself (Some vape liquids are nicotine free). These ingredients can also be mixed together to get a Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine base which can be easier on the throat when vaping. These carriers for the nicotine are known as diluents and are widely used in a range of cosmetic and medical applications, from skin emollients to baby wipes. The addition of a diluent is to enable the nicotine and flavouring to be delivered to the user in a vapour and the e liquid may also contain deionised water to aid this process. The different properties of the diluents used may also help enhance the taste of the nicotine, adding sweetness if glycerine is used, or a more impact in the taste sensation if the chemical propylene glycol is used.

Buying E Liquids from Magnifecig.co.uk

E liquid refills that contain premixed nicotine are only available in 10ml bottles due to the Tobacco Productive Directive coming into force in May 2016. You can also buy prefilled pods for other ranges of POD based electronic cigarettes which are pre-filled cartridges that you easily snap into the vape device without any screwing to your battery. Presently the most popular vape devices are POD decices such as the Juul kits as they are stealth kits that are so simple to use, they are super convenient in most environments. They also have availability of prefilled e-liquids so they can be easily refilled without spills in seconds.

Nicotine e-liquids are also available in a range of flavours as nicotine itself and the carrier liquids do not have a taste. Some ex-smokers switching to electronic cigarettes may prefer a nicotine based e-liquid which actually tastes like tobacco, while others may be happy to experiment with the whole range of nicotine e-liquids available from Magnifecig.co.uk that now specialise in one pound vaping e liquids.

Nicotine level in e-cigarettes

E liquids are also available in different nicotine strengths, meaning ex-smokers can gradually reduce their nicotine use. Some chronic smokers who previously found it almost impossible to quit tobacco have even managed to cut down to zero nicotine e liquids (sometimes known as E juice) with just an occasional change to a higher strength. Others prefer to cut back gradually on nicotine levels using e liquids and then settle at around the same nicotine intake using e-liquids.

The strength of any nicotine e liquid refill is measured in milligrams (mg), but only a small percentage of the strength will comprise of nicotine and the remainder of the e-liquid will comprise the diluent and flavouring. Therefore, if the nicotine strength of the liquid is 10mg there will be around 1mg of nicotine in the e-liquid refill. The calculations are based on the number of milligrams or millilitres (ml) of nicotine per litre in e liquids, so only in a litre of e liquid would there be 10mg/ml of nicotine. This may take a little getting used to if you are not a natural mathematician, but a medium strength nicotine refill is around 18mg/ml

E liquid are reported to be completely safe to use around friends and family and is also legal in some public places, so you can enjoy nicotine without offending nonsmokers or breaking the law in public places when you “light up” your electronic cigarette, regardless of the strength of nicotine e-liquid used. Save money on smoking with Magnifecig.co.uk and its range of e liquids. The cost of premier brand cigarettes has spiralled upwards every year and another advantage to switching to ecigs and vaping is the cost. Magnifecig e liquids range start from only 79 per 10ml and this is the approx equivalent of 100 cigarettes, so you can continue to enjoy nicotine just as you did when smoking tobacco, and save money at the same time. When you place an order for any e liquid on Magnifecig.co.uk  you will also accrue Reward Points from your very first order, with each Reward Point worth one pence to spend whenever you like. Accrue 100 Magnifecig Reward Points and will reduce your next order by £1. How often do profit-hungry tobacco companies offer you discount points for your loyal custom?

Magnifecig’s one pound e liquids range are for those looking to save on cost but looking for quality liquids. Oh My God e liquids can costs just 89p once you have made the switch from tobacco to Oh My God e liquids, enjoying nicotine will not only become healthier, but you will feel the financial benefits in your pocket too.

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