About Us

MagnifeCig are the UK’s and Europe’s number one shop for premier electronic cigarettes and E liquids. At MagnifeCig we sell a wide variety of electronic cigarettes to cover every individual requirement. From Electronic Cigarette starter kits for those who want to try out our range to more advanced kits containing everything you need to cover every eventuality. What’s more is that MagnifeCig stock one of the largest supplies of E liquid refills and cartomizers, in a variety of strengths and flavours making MagnifeCig the only shop you will ever need to visit.

Why Magnifecig?

Our electronic cigarettes provide a simple realistic solution to individuals who are addicted to smoking that want to do something about it. Our Magnifecig electronic cigarettes allow users to enjoy the sensation of smoking without the possible side effects of harmful tobacco smoking.  Traditional cigarette smoking is an addictive habit that is hard to kick even despite its well documented health risks. The Government are continually raising the awareness of the implications of smoking, but due to most users’ dependency on the nicotine, it’s almost impossible to simply stop smoking.

Our electronic cigarettes should be used as an alternative to traditional smoking as our products can be used as a nicotine replacement product. This means that you can enjoy similar sensation to smoking a traditional cigarette with the associated health risks such as tar, chemicals and tobacco by using our products. Our products will not suit everyone but it’s clearly evident that many smokers have made the transition from traditional cigarettes to e cigs with the UK having 1.3 million e cigarette users. Clinical trials shows that users of e cigarettes that were previously heavy traditional cigarette  smokers, that within 6 months or so 18% of users had stopped smoking and 60% had significantly decreased their smoking intake by more than a half. Also added to the fact the massive cost savings of e cigarettes compared to that of traditional cigarettes, mean users where thousands of pounds betters off per year using e cigs.

Benefits of Magnifecig Ecigarettes

There are many advantages for using Magnifecig Electronic cigarettes rather than traditional cigarettes:

  • Cost effective solution to traditional smoking. Save thousands a year even if you only smoke 20 a day traditional cigarettes using our alternative products
  • Free delivery on all orders over £25. Save money and order what you need in one go and pay no postage.
  • Effective delivery of nicotine to the body
  • Little to no health risks associate with e cigarettes
  • Very little limitations on usage in public due to devices being smoke free
  • High quality products ensure a great experience from product
  • Authentic smoking sensation helping you smoke in a healthier way
  • Massive range of top quality flavours for e liquids, giving variety
  • No bad smells or odours on your clothes or breath