7 Important Facts to Know about E-cigarettes

Nowadays, e-cigarettes are trending widely and are successfully replacing the need of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

But before using e-cigarettes and getting addicted to it, it is necessary to be aware of some of the important facts of e-cigarettes. Below is presented some of the important facts related to e-cigarettes.


  • What e-cigarettes actually are?

Magnifecig E-cigarettes or the electronic cigarettes are the devices that could allow the users to enjoy the experience of smoking a cigarette while inhaling nicotine. As a result, instead of burning tobacco, users inhale the vapour containing nicotine, flavour additives as well as other chemicals.

  • Are these e-cigarettes approved by FDA?

The FDA department has not yet approved the e-cigarette as the smoking cessation devices. The e-cigarette packaging doesn’t require including the health warnings and as a result, the FDA approved it as a nicotine replacement therapy product.

  • Working of e-cigarettes:

A battery-operated vaporizer heats up an E liquid solution into vapour. This vapour is being inhaled by the e-cigarette users filled up at the end of an e-cigarette instead of tobacco.


  • Is it dangerous to use e-cigarettes?

There are definitely some of the health risk factors that are posed by the e-cigarettes that are not known. The FDA’s Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis has investigated the components of a small sample of cartridges from two different e-cigarette brands. The test results found the contents of various toxic chemicals including nitrosamine- a form of carcinogen as well as diethylene glycol which was found in antifreeze.

  • Where are e-cigarettes sold?

The e-cigarettes are generally sold by some of the vaping retailers, in specialized malls or over the internet.

  • Who is against the use of e-cigarette?

According to the FDA, the American Academy of Paediatrics and the Centres for the Disease Control and Prevention, the e-cigarettes could result into nicotine addiction as well as lead in tobacco use in the youth. They recommend prevention of sale of e-cigarettes among the minors who are not broadly enough to cover up for e-cigarettes

  • Where users of e-cigarettes can smoke?

The law generally prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in the public places where the conventional smoking is also prohibited.

  • Know the legal status of e-cigarette:

The FDA regulates the e-cigarettes under its authority instead of other tobacco products. The FDA at certain times has been detained or blocked the incoming shipments of the e-cigarettes from different overseas manufacturers.


Thus, these were some of the important facts that must be known while using e-cigarettes.

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