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Magnifecig are the UK and Europe's number one shop for premier electronic cigarettes and E liquids. At Magnifecig we sell a wide variety of electronic cigarettes to cover every individual. From starter kits for those who want to try out our range to more advanced kits containing everything you need to cover every eventuality. What's more is that Magnifecig stock one of the largest supplies of E liquid refills and cartomizers, in a variety of strengths and flavours making Magnifecig the only shop you will every need to visit.
Electronic Cigarettes Explained.

Electronic cigarettes are the ultimate device for those who would like to either stop smoking or for those who enjoy smoking but would like to cut out the tar and tobacco that poisons your body. What a electronic cigarette does is it simulates that act of smoking by producing a vapour rather than smoke by heating E liquid in the strength and flavour of your choice. The vapour is simply inhaled as you would with a normal cigarettes but in a much cleaner and healthier way.

Magnifecig Electronic Cigarettes

Magnifecig is one of the best online shops in the UK and Europe for premier electronic cigarettes and an exciting range of e-liquids.
Magnifecig sells electronic cigarette starter kits and all the e-cigarette equipment you need as a smoking cessation aid or for pleasure and relaxation. Electronic cigarettes are legal in most public places and there is little risk of passive smoking for others, as harmful tobacco smoke is completely eliminated by using E Liquid which turns into vapour when the e-cigarette atomizer heats up on use. This means “vapers” (the term used to describe e-cigarette users) can enjoy nicotine around nonsmokers and in restaurants and bars.

Why switch to electronic cigarettes?

Magnifecig’s sophisticated e-cigarette products offer you a complete smoking experience similar to lighting up and handling a cigarette, to inhaling nicotine and enjoying a relaxing e-cigarette with family and friends at home or when socialising in public. Electronic cigarettes consist of a rechargeable battery, and a atomizer, which heats up and dispenses nicotine vapour using liquid nicotine refill cartridges, known as cartomisers. When some models of our e-cigs heat up when in use, an LED light glows in the tip of the e-cigarette like a real cigarette and the barrel heats up to vaporise the nicotine e-liquid. The user inhales the nicotine “mist” instead of the harmful smoke which tobacco products dispense. By using nicotine liquid in electronic cigarettes, the by-products of tobacco smoke such as tar are either eliminated completely or are greatly reduced. The dangerous cancer-causing by-products of tobacco like carbon monoxide, diethylene glycol and nitrosamines are also reduced to comparatively small quantities, meaning much less risk for smokers of lung cancer and cancer of the head, neck and tongue.

How nicotine e-liquids work to help you quit smoking

Nicotine quickly enters the bloodstream through the lungs and is carried to the brain, which is why smokers very quickly get a “hit” from inhaling tobacco smoke. This hit happens when the pleasure receptors in the brain react to nicotine and because pleasure and addiction are governed by the same area of the brain, it is easy to become hooked on nicotine, just as people become addicted to other substances and even chocolate. The same nicotine “hit” is available using e-cigarettes but without the usual risks of the tobacco relating smoking. Magnifecig  e-liquids are available in different strengths of nicotine from zero upwards, so nicotine levels can be controlled and reduced to help a smoker quit, or increased when necessary. Magnifecig e-liquids are also available in exciting flavours, including tobacco, chocolate, menthol, apple and exotic fruits. The choice and range of Magnifecig products and the ease of ordering online at genuinely discounted prices makes Magnifecig one of the best solutions to help quitting smoking or enjoying nicotine safely and economically.

Magnifecig sells ectronic cigarette starter kits

Magnifecig offers starter kits to help you quit smoking. News reports suggest the NHS has recently approved e-cigs as a smoking cessation aid, so making the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to protect your health makes sense. Magnifecig starter kits contain everything you need to switch to e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative. The Magnifecig trio Starter Kit offers three different flavours of nicotine at medium strength (18mg) with an electronic cigarette holder, a Lithium-iron rechargeable battery and USB battery charger so your electronic cigarette is always ready for use. The Magnifecig trio Starter Kit gives you the equivalent of approximately 120 cigarettes for around the £20 mark, so you also save money on smoking by switching to vaping. Other Magnifecig starter kits offer more accessories and a changeable atomizer head for your e-cigarette battery which means you do not have to buy a whole new kit when your current one burns out. Simply change the atomizer head and away you go.

Why buy e-Cigarettes from Magnifecig?

Every day Magnifecig sells electronic cigarette starter kits to smokers who want to give up. Magnifecig also supply a wide range of sophisticated premier e-cigarette accessories to ex-smokers who have managed to quit using e-cigs or have cut right down on their nicotine intake after years of trying to quit smoking and failing using other conventional methods. Electronic cigarettes cut nicotine health risks by eliminating harmful tobacco smoke and allowing you to control your nicotine intake using different strengths of nicotine cartridges and different flavours of nicotine. Magnifecig can help you choose from the full range of e-cigarette products. We stock one of the best ranges of e-cig starter kits, electronic cigarettes, e-Liquids and e-cigarette products online at the best prices.

Remember, Magnifecig will also help you cut the cost of smoking, as one pack of nicotine cartomizers costs under £10 and can provide the equivalent of 200 cigarettes, depending on use.

Magnifecig’s e-cigarette Reward Points also help you save even more on electronic cigarettes and e-liquid refills. Buy a trio Start Kit for under £20 and you will immediately get approx 18 reward points to use for your next Magnifecig e-cigarette order online. Reward Points will accrue from your first order with Magnifecig  and you can redeem them when you wish. Save up 50 points and you will receive a £5 discount on your Magnifecig order.

Magnifecig’s product packaging and branding are understated, stylish and sophisticated to fit in with your lifestyle, so you can feel comfortable using your electronic cigarette in public and when socialising.

Switching to electronic cigarettes is fast becoming the acceptable way to enjoy nicotine. Whether you are still trying to quit tobacco, or have made the switch and want to stock up on quality e-cigarettes refills and products at the best online prices, Magnifecig is your one-stop online shop for electronic cigarettes to help you enjoy nicotine, stop smoking tobacco for good and save money.


WARNING makes no claims that the electronic cigarette will cure a smokers addiction to nicotine; the electronic cigarettes it sells serves the same purpose as a tobacco cigarette- it delivers its user nicotine.

If you do suffer from the disease of Tobacco/Nicotine Dependence Syndrome and want to take steps to give up smoking or cut down the quantity of cigarettes you currently smoke then we recommend you visit your health care provider to discuss NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) or a nicotine harm reduction programme.

Please Note: We are not a pharmaceutical company and we do not produce medical products.


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toxicAll cartridges and E fluids should be kept away from the reach of children as nicotine can be poison in high concentrations and can cause harm.

over18To purchase products from us, you must be eighteen years of age and possess a valid credit card.