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Smokers considering using electronic cigarettes to quit tobacco often find using nicotine gum or patches frustrating, as the whole experience of smoking is more than just enjoying nicotine. The health risk from smoking tobacco products stems from the cigarette smoke, which contains a wide range of potentially harmful and carcinogenic chemicals, including carbon monoxide, nitrosamines and diethylene glycol. In addition to tobacco products releasing these substances, the heat and smoke from cigarettes can in itself cause harm to the membranes of the mouth, nose and throat, resulting in cancers of the tongue, nose, mouth and even eyes.

The act of smoking is very similar to barbecuing meat; when meat is barbecued, fried or grilled at high temperatures harmful substances known as free radicals are released. The body is equipped to mop up free radicals to an extent and they can also be counteracted by eating fruit and vegetables containing high levels of antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins C or E. However, free radicals can alter the DNA of the nucleus of a cell so that when a cell divides to regenerate and make new cells in the body, the instructions encoded in the cell’s DNA can change and that is when cells can multiply out-of-control and result in a tumour. Tumour is the Latin word for “lump” (tumor), but it has come to represent the most feared medical condition for most people: cancer.

Not all tumors are malignant (ie cancerous), but in smokers the risk of a cancerous tumour is increased as a result of the harmful chemicals released in tobacco smoke and tar. Tar quickly coats the lining of the lungs and stays there and often long-term smokers will at some point in their lives develop heart or lung disease with associated breathing difficulties. However, smokers who quit tobacco before they develop a chronic tobacco-related condition have a good chance that within seven to 10 years, their lung health and function will recover.

This is the best incentive for switching from smoking tobacco products to using Magnifecig electronic cigarettes, which eliminate harmful smoke and tar and greatly reduce carbon monoxide and other chemicals which are by-products of smoking tobacco. Smokers new to e-cigarettes or considering giving up tobacco can invest in a basic e-cigarette starter kit known as the Trio Starter Kit, which contains a rechargeable, battery operated e cigarette, a USB charger and three flavours of nicotine e liquid (tobacco, menthol and strawberry).

Many smokers who are just quitting prefer the taste of tobacco-flavoured e-liquids, but changing the flavours is easy using nicotine cartridges known as cartomizers.

There are also different strengths of nicotine available from zero to 48mg/ml e-liquid cartomizers.

A medium strength nicotine e liquid would be around 18mg/ml and there are several ways in which you can find the correct strength which satisfies your nicotine cravings when you make the switch to electronic cigarettes:

• Choose the same strength nicotine as your normal brand of cigarette

• Buy a selection of different strengths of nicotine e-liquid and change the cartomizer according to your nicotine cravings

• Buy a high strength nicotine cartomizer and a zero strength one and mix them, which is possible if you choose an electronic cigarette which has a refillable integral tank instead of using nicotine cartomizers.

Smokers making the switch to electronic cigarettes eventually find the right solution, but buying an e-cigarette starter kit can be the best way of making the switch. Some smokers manage to change to electronic cigarettes easily, while others may need to gradually cut down on tobacco products and increase their use of electronic cigarettes over time until they feel happy about quitting tobacco for good.

Magnifecig also manufactures more advanced starter kits which include an electronic cigarette with a changeable atomizer. The atomizer on an e-cigarette dispenses the nicotine vapour (which is why users of e-cigs are known as “vapers”) and if you use different flavoured nicotine e-liquids there can be some cross contamination of flavours if your e-cigarette has a fixed atomizer head.

Buying an e-cigarette starter kit with changeable atomizer heads prevent this and having an e-cig with a changeable atomizer also means being able to replace the atomizer head cheaply and simply when it burns out.

More advance e-cig starter kits can also offer the chance to buy different strengths of nicotine as part of the starter kit and this can mean making savings on your e-cig starter kit.

A pack of five Magnifecig cartomizers and offers the equivalent of 100 cigarettes can cost as little as £9.95, or Magnifecig’s starter e-cigarette kits can enable those new to electronic cigarettes to buy an advance e-cigarette kit, including e-liquid in a flavour of their choice, plus all the accessories needed in a small, handy case. The Magnifecig Advanced Starter Kit also comes with spares so if you misplace your e-cigarette or any part of it, there is a replacement in the kit.

The added bonus of switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes is not only the health benefits, but also the money vapers save compared with smoking tobacco. With top brands of cigarettes now costing as much as £8.99 for a pack of 20, Magnifecig’s cartomizers can virtually quarter the cost of enjoying nicotine.

Magnifecig also offers Reward Points on every order which you can use to pay for your next order or whenever you like. Making start on switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes can cost from under £20 for a Magnifecig starter kit.

At Magnifecig, the only thing that’s smoking are our prices!

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